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Future of

Sun, 06 August 2023 05:47

This site is a complicated mix of different software stacks, including a forum, content management system and a wiki.
Unfortunately, this is becoming too troublesome to manage, and the visitor numbers are dwindling, which makes it necessary
to simplify and consolidate the site into fewer components.

To start this process, a new forum called News & Blogs was created, which can also be accessed from the top menu. Replies to
blog posts will be rendered as comments.


Users are requested to please move all their blog posts to this forum. This section will (within a couple of months)
become the new home page of OraFAQ.

News & Blogs | 3 comments

OraFAQ Forum

The Oracle FAQ is NOT an official Oracle site, but rather a get-together of people with jobs in Oracle. In our spare time we come together here to learn about Oracle, share knowledge and try to help others solve their problems. In doing so, this sites puts a wealth of information at the fingertips of Oracle professionals all over the world.

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